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My Mail

How can I read a message?

To read a message, click the 'MY MAIL' button in the main menu, choose the contact, and click the 'View mails' link.

How can I write a message?

There is the 'send message' button in the left menu of each user profile. When you click it, you will get to the page where you can write a message.

How can I reply to a message?

To reply to a message, click 'View mails', write your answer, and then click the 'Send' button located under mail sending form.

How do I delete a contact?

To delete a contact, you need to mark the checkbox next to the contact you want to delete, select the item 'Deleted' in the dropdown list and click the 'Move' button.

I have deleted a contact by mistake, how can I restore it?

To restore a deleted contact, click the 'Deleted' link in the 'INBOX' section. Mark the checkbox next to the contact you want to restore, then select the item 'Inbox' or 'Favorites' in the dropdown list and click the 'Move' button. The contact will move from the 'Deleted' folder into the folder of your choice.

How can I stop receiving messages from a person I am not interested in?

To stop receiving unwanted messages, you should add this member to the 'Block List'. You can do it by clicking the 'move to block list' link in the left menu.

How can I cancel receiving notifications about users who sent me interest and messages?

To do this, you need to click the 'SETTINGS' button and disable automatic notifications.

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