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Search and Communication

How do I search profiles?

In order to use search, click 'SEARCH' link in the main menu. You will be able to set search parameters like age, weight, height, children, keywords etc.

What is the difference between 'Basic Search' and 'Advanced Search'?

'Advanced Search' is the enhanced version of the 'Basic Search', which allows you to search by additional criteria: keywords, names, children, etc.

What is the Keyword Search?

Keyword Search allows you to search for a specific term or phrase to find the members with that same term or phrase written in their profile.

What are Saved Searches?

Saved searches are groups of search parameters for searches. This is an effective way to save your time on searches you run frequently.

What is 'My Bookmarks'?

It contains profiles bookmarked by you.

How do I add someone to my Bookmarks?

You can add anyone to your Bookmarks by clicking the 'add to bookmark' link when viewing their profile or clicking on according icon in the profiles` list.

What is 'My block list'?

It contains profiles of the users you don't want to contact with. All the messages from these users are blocked by our mail system and do not enter your Inbox.

How do I add someone to my Block list?

You can add anyone to your Block list by clicking the 'add to block list' link when viewing their profile.

What is 'Show Interest'?

If you are viewing somebody's profile and you are not ready to send a message to this person, you may simply show your interest. The user will be notified that you are interested in him/her. 'Show Interest' is a good means to start virtual acquaintance.

How can I show interest in a person?

It is very simple. Click 'Show Interest' link in the profile that you like or clicking on according icon in the profiles` list.

How can I see that somebody is interested in me?

To do this, you need to click 'LISTS' in the main menu and select the item 'Who Sent Me Interests' in the dropdown list. You will see the list of members interested in you.

Can I show my interest in somebody in return?

Yes, surely you can show interest in return. To do this, you should click 'Show Interest' link in the profile of the member you are interested in or clicking on according icon in the profiles` list.

What is 'Mutual Matches' ?

This section displays the users to whom you've Interest and who sent an Email or Interest to you.

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