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Privacy Policy


Single-Russian-Woman.Com is an interactive (online) dating service. In order to provide service of high quality we check our clients using various criteria and filters. We are ready to respect and protect your privacy. Below we give explanations of our Privacy Policy principles and use of personal information.

Registration Information

In order to use the present web-site, a client has to fill in a registration form. There are two types of information you supply us in registration procedure: public and personal. Public information is displayed in your profile and can be read by any site user. Personal information is confidential; it is inaccessible for viewing by other users of the site. Personal information includes: your real name, login, password, e-mail address, home address, date of birth.

Users' Profiles

Profile is a dynamic page with the user's photo or without it where stored information (without personal data) is partly used. There is a profile for each separate user in the system. Profile displays user's data that the user has chosen for viewing by other users. So, collected information is tied to a user personality in a way that other users could make a decision whether they want to contact a certain site client with the purpose of further relations. Visitation by a user of our web-site is not purposed for direct or indirect marketing / advertisement. We do not transfer your profile to any third party.

Chat and Messages Sending Off

In case you use our system for communication in chat and/or sending messages to other users, you should remember that any personal information that you provide during chatting or when sending a message can be read, collected and used by message receiver as well as used for sending you undesirable messages. We assume no responsibility for personal information you provide in correspondence or during chatting.

Use of Information

We do not use collected information for transferring, selling or sharing it with other organizations by any means, in any form, in interactive mode (online) or stand-alone mode (offline). Personal information of our clients is stored in our secure database and used exclusively with the purpose of: identification, settlement of disputes on payments, verification and/or authentication.

Official Requests

Single-Russian-Woman.Com cooperates with law enforcement agencies representing the law in the field of: intellectual property rights protection, prevention of fraud and other rights protection , - in order to guard you and community of Single-Russian-Woman.Com against ill-minded persons. Thus, in response to official request from law enforcement agencies or other state structures whose activity is related to investigation of crimes or illegal activities, we can (and hereby you authorize us to act that way) provide information about your name, city, state, telephone number, e-mail address and user history without subpoena. With the exception of above-mentioned cases, in order to guard your privacy and protect community from ill-minded persons, we will not disclose your personal data to law enforcement and other state bodies without subpoena, court order or analogous court procedures.


Cookies are pieces of data stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. Use of Cookies is by no means tied to the user's personal information. We use Cookies for the user identification when he/she enters the system, uses chat and other services that are provided by our web-site.


In order to update, edit or delete personal information, enter your account and click on a link "Edit my profile".

Messages from Single-Russian-Woman.Com

Greeting for new members: we send all new members an electronic message of greetings with indication of password and user's name. Active site members will from time to time receive information about new products and services, special proposals and newsletters. Messages about services: sometimes there is a necessity to circulate notice directly related to services. For example, if a service is temporary inaccessible for technical reasons we can send users a corresponding electronic message. Support service: we are in constant communication line with users in respect of providing services of their interest as well as questions related to their accounts.

Disclaimer of Responsibility

We take all possible measures for protecting client's privacy; we may face with a necessity to disclose personal information in case of request from law enforcement agencies, when we get subpoena in connection with governmental, criminal or civil cases in accordance with applicable legislation.

Statistical Information (not personal)

We may provide statistical and demographic information to our partners or advertisers. Such information has no relation to personal data.

Third-Party Advertisers

Single-Russian-Woman.Com does not provide information about site users to any third-party advertiser.

Service Providers

For rendering quality service for our users we have relations of partnership with Superb Internet Corp. company that provides hosting of our "dedicated server" in secure and closed environment, and, Inc. company that provides secure acceptance of payments from our users.


Our users have an opportunity to choose variants of privacy degree. You may choose:
- not to provide personal information, however, this may entail impossibility to use certain services and functions of our web-site;
- delete or refuse Cookies changing your browser settings, however, this will be resulted in deactivating of certain functions and services of web-site and it won't work properly.

Links on Third-Party Sites

The present web-site contains links on other sites. Please be aware that Single-Russian-Woman.Com assumes no responsibility for Privacy Policy of other sites. We welcome users awareness when leaving our site and reading by them of privacy provisions of every web-site that carries out collection of personal information. The present privacy statement applies exclusively to information collected by the present web-site.

Security Measures

We secure personal information submitted by you. A restricted number of persons have access to your personal data that are required during their work. Moreover, our policy means securing of inviolability of any available personal data. Single-Russian-Woman.Com uses different protection technologies such as secure socket layer (SSL) stipulated by industrial standard that provides encryption when transferring credit cards data or other personal information. Such security measures are obligatory on all web-pages in order to protect personal information from unauthorized users access, however, we do not guarantee absolute information security in the Internet network.

Policy Management and Changes in Privacy Policy

According to conditions, the present policy manages use and collection of all information within its duration. Single-Russian-Woman.Com reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time informing users about such changes by e-mail. Changes to this policy come into effect from the moment of being posted on the site.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, you can contact us.

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