Affiliate Program

Welcome to join our affiliate program. Please read about its basic benefits and features:

  • You get 50% commission of the membership plan cost;
  • Commission is issued from every payment;
  • You can view the statistics in real time;
  • Payments are issued monthly;
  • Affiliate program is provided by an authoritative and well-known provider company;
  • Advertisements and banners are designed for you in advance.

How to sign up and begin to earn money

The first thing you should do is to make an account and receive 'id number'. The registration process is absolutely free of charge and takes no more than a couple of minutes.

The second step is when you get a specific affiliate link. It includes special data that helps us identify the affiliate, whose link a visitor has followed, and whether this visitor has become a paid member of our website. Such a scheme ensures high precision and accuracy of tracking the clicks on affiliate links.

The affiliate receives his commission if the user who has followed his link buys subscription.

Query parameters


Purpose: site url


Purpose: it is your account id and our merchant id


Purpose: advertised page

Default: homepage

You can find detailed instructions in the account.