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natalia, 54
5' 6.9" | 170 cm, 185 lbs | 84 kg. I am looking for a man aged 45 - 50 y.o. My purpose is marriage. I don't smoke but occasionally I drink.
Alena, 29
5' 5" | 165 cm, 137 lbs | 62 kg. I am looking for a man aged 20 - 40 y.o. I don't smoke or drink. I prefer a healthy lifestyle.
Lyubov, 48
5' 3" | 160 cm, 132 lbs | 60 kg. I am looking for a man aged 34 - 50 y.o. I smoke or drink occasionally.
Oksana, 48
I the nice Russian girl. At me long dark hair which I sometimes like to braid, green eyes which can change color and to be both grey and blue, color of my eyes depends on my mood. I the usual girl. I have higher education and I work as the doctor-surgeon. I very much like is tasty to prepare for different dishes. I very much like to travel, float, run in the mornings, I love chocolate. I know Spa...