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How to choose a female user of a dating web-site with a view to a long-term relationship? In face-to-face communication a person expresses him-/herself faster than during on-line chatting. But applying a reasonable approach you can learn a lot about the ladies even when looking through the profiles.

What do photos say?

Photos let you take a good look at a candidate for acquaintance and determine her personal qualities. However, pictures posted by people at their pages, may be posed, made by professionals for a web-site or amateur, but situational. Situational pictures reflect only one moment. Mood, face expression and posing at such photos correspond to the plot of one day, hour or a minute. Thus, a lady looking thoughtful at the picture can be a giggler, and a lady with a sunny smile – a very serious person.

There are two sciences (physiognomy and phenotypology) that help you learn a person's character by his appearance. Application of the methods of these two sciences requires careful theory studying, long practice and skills. Let's leave it to focused specialists and get to things more understandable for the profane.

From the pictures we can learn about personal qualities of a lady without going to professionals, but for that purpose we need to catch something common in picture series. In this chapter we'll tell you how to do it.

At dating sites people usually post really good pictures and pictures they like themselves. Human's mentality has the ability to harmonize different sides of personality. Pictures posted at dating sites can show how insufficient expression of some inner qualities is compensated or long felt needs are demonstrated.

For example, a person desperately craving for happiness can pose as one really happy. Not very prosperous lady often tries to be photographed among expensive interiors, in clothes and jewelry of prestigious brands. Although in Russia it is customary for almost all social layers to pay great attention to exterior.

Generally, people posting profiles at dating sites are usually divided into two groups. The first one includes individuals who can be glad and who want to share the best they have due to their inner fullness. The other category comprises of those feeling their own lack of something who want to be filled. This lack or insufficiency usually forces people to promote themselves. Such person makes everything to show the world presence of lacking, but extremely important for him qualities.

"Natural" ones showing their nature in pictures tell openly about themselves. "Demonstrators" try to instill something. Thus, if you see at photos the same lady in different business suits several times, you will think that she really is a business woman. And you might be right. At the page of the lady "creating effect" one may find the same picture but most likely in one copy or several pictures where she is in the same clothes. Tracing of the main picture theme lets you understand what the owner of this profile is like.

Let's examine types of main picture themes and try to understand inner message of their owners.

Beach photos

A lady desperately needs attention from representatives of the sterner sex. She longs for sensual emotional experiences. She hopes to be liked and get the lacking through communication with a potential partner.

Photos with animals

A lady wants to show that she can love and be tender. With these photos she kind of promises to take care of a gentleman she liked.

Photos against a luxurious car

A lady wants to show her financial soundness. In reality she is probably not very wealthy.

Photos with flowers

Flowers are a symbol of woman's femininity. Such lady hopes first of all for a romantic relationship.

Office photos

Office photos are a sign of workaholism. A lady whose page has many pictures from work is likely to think about plans, projects and actions necessary for career promotion even at home.

Photos of animation or fairy-tale style

Such pictures are indication of infantilism, inability to take responsibility. Women with such photos at the page don't want to live in a real world. They hope for miracles or that they'll meet a man who can instantly solve all their problems.

Photos decorated with "real" attributes from Photoshop

What attributes? A shock of unnatural hair, a braid, a hat or something else. A person using the opportunities of photo editors is not pleased with himself. He/she feel the lack of bon ton, beauty, influence, etc.

Black-and-white photos

A woman posting a lot of black-and-white photos is usually a bit eccentric. She tries to show her exquisite taste, originality and tell about her aesthetic nature.

Photos taken from the sidelines

A lady at such pictures doesn't look straight at the camera. It seems that the pictures have been made by chance. This photo indicates woman's self-sufficiency. She sets goals and knows how to get what she wants. She doesn't care what people around her think about her. This woman knows she is attractive and doesn't need multiple compliments.

Childhood photos

A lady lives in her past. She had a great childhood and likes to remember about the time when she was a child. Under suitable conditions a lady of this type can flourish, be spontaneous, playful and mischievous.

Group photos

A woman is sociable and easy-going. She is a reliable partner and companion.

Absence оf group photos

If there are many photos in a folder, but none of them is a group one, it means that a lady is quite self-sufficient. In exceptional cases such ladies are egoists.

Photos against unusual objects and interiors

Basements, sinister staircase flights, gratings, cages for wild animals are indicative of a hysteroid personality pattern. A woman with such character is mentally normal, but quarrelsome and contentious. She wants to be unusual in the eyes of her partner and dreams of being his centre of attention.

Photos against a window

This lady is romantic and needs creative personal fulfillment. She feels uncomfortable in the boundaries of everyday life. You won't be bored.

Photos against a carpet in an arm-chair

A woman doesn't think too much about her image. She is a warm and kind-hearted person. Another variant is also possible – a woman is just not accustomed to posing before a camera. She was photographed in her usual surrounding by chance or by necessity.

Close-up. Face

Demonstrative type of personality. Loves herself and likes to be a centre of attention. She hopes that a potential husband will appreciate her complicated soul and deep personality.

Close-up. Half or part of face

The face at pictures may be covered with a handkerchief, hands, a fan, etc. A lady separates herself from the society because of her lack of confidence or fears. She may be afraid of evil eye, envy or something else. She is "closed" and that says it all.

No photos

A lady doesn't want to come into the spotlight due to shyness, publicity, problems with creditors, law or ex-partner. What to expect from her? She is the only one who can answer this question.

This list can't be considered complete. Profound approach and unhurried reasoning will help you learn a lot about women by their photos.

Profiles are also sources of interesting information.

Studying profiles

What can you find out about a woman from the information in her profile? Some people write explicitly about a relationship they want and tell about their expectations, counting on friendship, flirt, sex, chatting, spiritual bond or future marriage. Some women don't hide their bad habits and drawbacks. Other can't tell honestly their age and weight. Regardless of age and build women want to weigh less and be younger, that's why they play cunning sometimes.

Even standard answers to profile questions can help you choose a lady. You can't ask everything in a private conversation, can you? What is candidate's sexual temperament? Suppose a relationship fails, but it will be because of mismatch on this parameter. To prevent such situation many dating sites have a line "How often would you like to have sex?"

Do you need to make a contact to a woman, if you are looking for a serious relationship and she just goes for flirting and chatting? Why not pay attention to representatives of the fair sex whose interests coincide with yours?

If you enjoy a tipple and smoke all the time, will you find a common language with a lady without bad habits? You won't, probably.

A woman writing in a provoking style won't be tame in a real life, too. Do you like quiet? Then look for modest and delicate.

A lady tells about herself enthusiastically? Isn't she going to assert herself on you?

A candidate slanders the sterner sex? She has a grudge against gentlemen? Don't be surprised, if you have quarrels in course of chatting and have to prove your own infallibility or be a shoulder to cry on.

A lady tells about herself honestly, but with dignity? Openly voices her expectations? Doesn't bear a grudge against men? She is friendly? According to psychologists such women are real diamonds. You liked her profile, self-description and pictures? Why don't you send her a message? This lady may be the one who can make you happy.

Classification of female users of dating sites

What types of personality can be met among women posting their profiles at dating sites? What will become of relationship if you start communicating with representatives of each category? Let's see, but remember that typology is approximate and doesn't claim to be scientific. Women offering sex services are excluded from the classification from the very beginning.


Ladies of this category demand too much of men. They write in profiles that they would like to find a strong and self-sufficient man without bad habits, who must be handsome, athletic, successful, loving, caring, generous, ready to sacrifice for his love, that is a Prince Charming (or a knight in shining armor). And of course this man must have at least half a kingdom, so they think. Do such gentlemen even exist? We doubt it.

What relationship can you expect for with a Dreamer? Let's suppose that you are a person resembling the abovementioned Prince. But even people who strive for perfection make mistakes. Besides, problems and difficulties of life occasionally happen to everyone. Any person can feel irritation and other negative emotions. Do you get angry? There you go. A paragon of virtue doesn't meet the specified standard anymore. And what about a Dreamer? She is upset and disappointed. Now you need to create an ideal image once again. And it happens time after time. Are you ready to put up with this?

Looking for a well-to-do

Slavic women tired of infantile and not wanting to earn money countrymen are often looking for men without financial problems. Such lady can hold some position and have a small salary which is just enough to make ends meet. Are you to blame them or would you rather cast in lot with one of them?

What to expect from relationship with a Looking-for-a-well-to-do? Such lady can be very grateful to a man who's made her life easier. She is practical and can survive compromise and negotiate. It's very important for creation and maintaining permanent connections. Making a contact with a Looking-for-a-well-to-do you really get a chance to become happy.

Amorous (light-minded)

Light-minded women are absolutely unpractical and can fall in love from the first sight (even by a picture). They admire a man and all his merits sincerely. You can find such lady by forthright comments in her profile. In some cases these women describe themselves unblushingly, writing about their love experience or sexual needs. An Amorous often has piercings or tattoos. Many of them have been married several times.

What to expect from relationship with an Amorous? There are at least two variants.

First one: a lady is tired of her own light-mindedness and wants to learn how to take responsibility for her actions. You can be happy with her, but you need to have patience while she grows as a personality. Although this period might have passed without your participation.

Second one: a lady doesn't see her mistakes and thinks that the behavior of her previous partners is the key to all her failures. When starting a conversation with such representative of the fair sex, be ready to get accused of not understanding or something else sooner or later.


It's difficult to tell, why these women have had no luck in their personal lives. In most cases the reasons come from the childhood. Sometimes the source of all problems is a one major failure at the choice of a partner. To get rid of consequences of personal misfortunes one woman needs a year or two, another – the whole life.

What to expect from relationship with a Luckless? In order to understand it, you need to start this relationship. You may become the source of happiness for a Luckless. Unfortunately, it can be the other way. However if you feel that you can be lucky for both of you, a good partnership is highly possible.


Virtuals post their profiles not so much to find a permanent partner, as to have fun and chat, although they often write about their wish to find a husband. In some cases they post somebody else's photos and distort real personal information, in their favor, of course. If the image of a lady in description seems fantastic and pictures at the page are not many (one or two), you really need to think about it.

What to expect from relationship with a Virtual? Making a contact with women of this type you need to know that will hardly be more than just conversations in your communication. If you are looking for message exchange via the Internet, then you are on the same wavelength. You are not? Then you'd better find another candidate. How can you understand that a woman isn't going to make it real? First, you can just ask her about it. Secondly, if a lady refuses to talk with you even over the telephone, it means that you'll hardly ever meet.


A Self-sufficient is logical and is not afraid of telling about her drawbacks. She doesn't hide real goals of acquaintance and easily agrees to talk over the phone. This type of women has enough photos. They show that her life is full and eventful. It may be a little too full, that's why she doesn't have enough time to find a partner in reality.

What to expect from relationship with a Self-sufficient? If you are not less mature than this lady, you have a great partnership based on mutual understanding waiting for you. Otherwise you'll have to catch up with a lady and it's not that bad. Do you seek career growth? Hope for a more active life? A self-sufficient lady will give you that without taking pains. If she wants, of course.

How do you think, is it time you started viewing profiles for yourself? This classification will let you get your bearings among them. But don't hurry. In the following chapters you'll learn a lot of useful information.

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