Anti-scam guide for men looking for a russian wife

Anti-ScamWith the advent of the Internet human's possibilities and opportunities have extended in many respects. Unfortunately not everyone shows honesty using these opportunities. Internet fraud nowadays is a rather widespread phenomenon. It will be great if you take this fact into consideration. We hope you'll be able to protect yourself from the actions of dishonest people on reading about several types of fraud at dating sites in this chapter.

General information on Internet fraud at dating sites

Both men and women can hide under the masks of swindlers. The goal of their activity is usually to get money out of their victims. However, you shouldn't exclude other variants, for example, when female web-site users pretend somebody they are not (unmarried, much younger or attractive). They do it not to benefit financially, but to have fun or raise their self-esteem. Married women posting their forms at dating sites under the guise of unmarried ones usually pursue similar or other objectives.

What does Internet fraud threaten men looking for acquaintances with Russian women on the web? If you fall for a scam, you'll waste your time at the best and your money and nerves at the worst. Victims of dishonest people feel emotional stress. Their self-esteem sinks and it's very hard for them sometimes to put their broken hearts together.

Swindlers have a lot of weapons: ability to get trusted, make somebody fall in love with them, seduce, make compliments, cause pity and sympathy, and choose the only one suitable communication style. Professional swindlers (if they can be called so) possess a large amount of methods and ruses that let them get into victim's graces in the shortest possible terms. Some of these people are born psychologists, others obtained necessary knowledge with the help of self-education.

Types of fraud at dating sites

It should be recalled that swindlers can be men and women, but since men communicating with them consider them ladies we'll talk about female swindlers for simplicity of our story.

All types of frauds at dating sites are divided into two big groups. The first one is frauds not connected with evident crimes. The other includes those that don't go (or hardly go) beyond the law.

Separate category is presented by porn site providers. If you get an invitation to visit some off-site portal in order to view pictures, don't exclude the possibility of getting to a porn site. Experienced Internet users usually delete the incoming message or mark it as spam in such cases.

Curious beginners usually accept the invitation not knowing that such web-sites are full of viruses and they have to pay money for viewing nude pictures. People earn money the way they can and it's up to you to decide whether to give your money to them and whether to expose your computer to danger.

Further we'll talk about frauds not going beyond the law.

Frauds without crime

A dating site or psychotherapy?

Representatives of the fair sex registering at dating sites suffer sometimes from low self-esteem, unfortunately. Posting personal information ladies attract attention, get compliments and gradually start feeling more successful and in-demand. Actually, it fully satisfies their need for communication. If a lady has made your acquaintance only to get a better opinion of herself, don't even hope for a real relationship.

Forever young

"You don't ask women about their age". Quite a well-known phrase, isn't it? However, if you are looking for a Russian wife via the Internet, your question concerning her age is not just curiosity. If a woman understates her age a bit, her lies may be regarded as a little trick. She lessened her age by 20 years? It's too much, don't you think? Few men want a serious relationship with a lady their mother's age.

This group also includes women posting somebody else's photos and distorting real information in their forms. Such actions pursue the same objectives as age understatement.

Almost unmarried

Married women registering at dating sites usually get there because of two reasons – lack of communication or difficulties in personal life. If such a woman has problems in her relationships with husband, she may feel ready to break marriage ties, but doesn't do it for some reasons and prefers finding another person for life first.

Such a lady be considered a swindler if she let her conversation partner know about her situation? Doubtfully. Although, it happens sometimes that a woman's personal life gets fixed in a while and virtual connection breaks .A foreign partner, who became attached to this lady, may not like this turn of events.

"I'm married, but open for communication"

A married woman often finds herself at a dating site not having initially any matrimonial intentions. This category of married web-site users comprises bored ladies looking for short-term connections with foreigners or wanting to get some language practice.

Sometimes the lady's husband knows about her communication with a foreigner. In fact, he has side relationships in some cases as well. If it goes like this, a woman usually tells her new acquaintance about her marriage status openly. Getting in contact with such a lady, you should know that chances for making it a permanent relationship are not high.

Under the mask of unmarried

Some women lie on purpose feigning unmarried. You should beware of such ones. Communication with them often causes moral sufferings of foreign men hoping to find a permanent partner relationship.

"I'm getting divorced"

Women of this group often think frankly that they are in the process of splitting-up (getting divorced) with a previous partner and in search of a new one. They are as a rule at odds with their lover or husband and can't soberly evaluate a real state of affairs. Psychological state of these representatives of the fair sex is not stable. In this period it's almost impossible to build a new relationship. Besides, in many cases quarrels end with a truce, and new acquaintances from a dating site remain alone.

A man behind a woman's picture

A man holding himself out as a woman? He is either a joker or has problems with sex-role identification. It's teenagers who like to laugh at web-site users this way. Adults passing themselves off as women are either immature or have hard times accepting themselves and their sex. Frauds of this type make victims frustrated and disappointed as for the time spent, as a rule and that's where effect runs out providing there is no criminal constituent of the fraud.

How to protect yourself against frauds?

In order not to get scammed you must be very attentive to recognize dishonesty in time.

Let's enumerate signs of each fraud group. They may help you keep from unneeded communication.

A dating site or psychotherapy?

A lady talks about herself a lot and doesn't listen to you. She is nervous and runs to extremes. Her description of own merits is verbose. She tries to present herself as an ideal, but often gets offended at ordinary questions. Such representatives of the fair sex can spew accusations towards the man if cut to the heart.

Forever young

Pictures in the lady's photo album are the first indicative of her age. Look at the clothes and hair style of the lady in the pictures. Almost every person can define the time when the picture was taken correctly to five-ten years.

A man behind a woman's picture

In this case rely on your intuition and language stylistics. It's not that easy for a foreigner to suspect that something is wrong due to insufficient immersion in language culture. That's why if you have suspicions, show the messages to a translator psychologist. It will be great if a specialist is a native speaker of the language of your conversation partner.

There is another way to reveal fraud. Ask for a partner's telephone number or talk about a personal meeting with a supposed liar. If there is a man behind a woman's photo he by no means will agree to any of these variants. And will most likely end communication.

Married or psychologically bound to previous relationships women

There are a number of signs that a lady is married. Her form can be empty. A lady can be often depressed. She doesn't give her phone number and almost never agrees to meet. If you can speak to her via the video-chat or over the phone, though, it's her who chooses time. In the course of conversation a lady can suddenly break off the call. Married woman usually seems mysterious. She tells little and rarely about her relationship experience and almost never discusses life plans.

Frauds with criminal motive

"Help me!" Variant 1

A swindler lady as well as any other female web-site user initiates acquaintance or answers the first letter of a gentleman. She wriggles into favor through a variety of means adroitly assuring a man of her sincerity.

On making certain that you got attached to her enough and don't see the catch, this woman tells you about a sudden difficult situation. It may be the story of illness (hers or her family). And recovery needs money, of course (e.g. for an expensive surgery). If a swindler can't move a gentleman enough to get this money from him, she becomes silent for a long time or complains of inability to pay for the Internet (all money goes to treatment). A man, who is accustomed to receiving lady's messages regularly, tries to keep the connection and, of course, offers his financial help.

He sends the lady a sum of money, and that's what she wanted. The money is usually transferred in the way suggested by a swindler. It's usually an E-money payment system, because it's very hard or even impossible to identify the person receiving money when using such a system.

What is the next stage? It may come or not. Some swindlers repeat the same trick but ask money for something else, but not less important. However the majority of them understand that they'll arouse suspicion this way and just waste their time, that's why they prefer switching to another victim.

A defrauded gentleman, expecting gratitude, doesn't even get "thanks" in response and in some cases receives messages with humiliating and mocking phrases. It's natural that he realizes what position he is in. It's good if a man sees everything that's happened as a lesson and decides to be more careful, but it's not always so. Some gentlemen give up their dream of finding a beloved person and get offended at the whole female sex after such a situation.

"Help me" Variant 2

A lady swindling this way has enough patience to communicate with a man to the moment of being invited to his country. He sends her money for travel costs, visa and other necessary expenses. It's clear that a swindler asks to transfer her money via an E-money payment system as in the previous variant.

And then she disappears without a trace, sure enough.

Some men are so trusting and credulous that they give swindlers access to their bank account and personal information. In this situation actions of swindlers result in even worse consequences.

Accident. Variant 1

This fraud scheme became popular just a little while ago. It implies taking an acquaintance to the agreement on coming to the man's country. The difference with the previous variant lies therein that a woman pays expenses herself but asks to stay at a potential boyfriend's. She tells him the flight number and time of arrival, but she doesn't come either at an appointed date, or later. After a while this gentleman gets a call from a lawyer who tells him that the lady is in an extremely bad situation – she was detained at the customs for taking out something valuable (e.g. antiques). To get her released they need money for a bribe.

Accident. Variant 2

This fraud method is almost the same as the previous one. The difference is just in the contents of the accident. It's not the customs, but the hospital where the lady got after a car crash on her way to the airport. Money is needed not for a bribe, but for lady's treatment. And it's not a lawyer who calls, of course.

How not to become a victim of fraud?

Do you think it's easy to expose deception even in the beginning of your communication? Experience shows that it's not the case. Even if you think you are invulnerable and can see people through, still, read our recommendations to protect yourself from swindlers. Information below will teach you to recognize any types of fraud at dating sites, but will be especially useful in case of a so-called bubble scheme.

You must study the lady's photos at her page carefully. Is she really the person she pretends to be? How many pictures are there in her photo album? A lot of pictures indicate a higher degree of credibility than one-two photos. It's way more difficult to find many pictures of another person to post them at your page, than a couple of them. It will be great if you convince the girl to take a picture during an online chat in a certain position or with some object in her hands.

It will be even better if she takes a picture against a computer with her own page at a dating site and sends the image to you. It's very important that the picture should be sent within a couple of minutes. Otherwise a woman will have time to use a photo editor or (who knows) find the needed photo on the Internet.

When communication becomes at least a little bit confidential, ask for a lady's telephone number. You can promise not to call her without special reasons and tell that you need her contacts for the case of losing connection via the site. If a woman is attracted to you, she'll give you the number. Her refusal can be a warning that you see a swindler, it's not always so, though.

Your communication has already moved to phone talks? Then record the lady's voice if having suspicions. Such actions let you find a swindler, if necessary, but we must admit that it happens rarely. We hope you won't need this, but still…

Be attentive. Trace all moments of mismatches and discrepancies in information ladies give you. Analyze the contents of forms and compare it to information obtained in the course of communication. If any suspicions occur, don't be ashamed to clear the moments you don't understand.

The most important thing that one who wants to protect himself from fraud needs to remember is that you must not send money to people you almost don't know under any circumstances. If you are a helping and compassionate person by nature, if you prefer risks, you need to realize that you are buying your peace of mind. In case of fraud take it as a lesson and with pure heart and acquired wisdom keep looking for another lady who will be honest and sincere.

Development and flourishing of Internet fraud is facilitated by anonymity which consequence is impunity, absence of identification system at dating sites and carelessness of users (and that is especially upsetting). So let's not help swindlers and use available knowledge in your favor. Everyone has a right to find happiness. Why not use dating sites for that purpose? There are a lot more decent and honest people registered at such portals than dishonest.