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How to choose effective photos

Photos are the main tool of attraction on a dating site. Though adding photos is optional, it is almost impossible to become successful without a good photo. Women are usually suspicious about men who have any photo in their profile. They can, for instance, think that the absence of a photo is caused by being ugly and ignore even the most interesting profile. Not showing the way you look tells against your sincerity, which is a wrong tactics for the place aimed at dating. Don't hope to share your photos in the subsequent correspondence. There can be any, as the woman will most likely ignore you message.

Women usually respond to men they like visually. You don't need to look like Tom Cruz or Kevin Costner to get noticed. More important here is emotional effect produced by your photo. A good photo evokes interest and makes women visit your profile to learn more. Try to be a little psychologist. Let your photos exude maximum harmony and positive emotions. Women cannot resist that!

Main photo

The main photo is extremely important. It is displayed in search results when women search through our database and it is first seen when they visit your profile after receiving a letter from you. Your main photo should be appealing. It's aim is to catch the eye and to produce positive emotions.

It is advisable to place a portrait-like main photo, i.e. a close up with your face clearly seen. If you have no portrait photo, you may create it from any other photograph where your face is clearly visible. Use the crop tool of a graphic editor. Graphic editors are usually available in modern image viewers, for example in ACDSee, or as individual programs, for example Picasa by Google. Just make sure your portrait is of good quality after cropping. Quality is essential for all photos that you add to your profile.

A good photo reveals your individual character and the image of real you. Choose the photo where you smile naturally. Your smile will predispose women for communication. Avoid photos with fake smile, expressions of concentration, sadness, or suffering. Avoid adding obscure photos, photos of you in sunglasses, or other photos where your face is indiscernible.

How to choose a good photo

You may ask your female friend, the one whose opinion you trust, to choose the best photo from the available photos. It may happen that your friend will reject all the photos saying they bear no resemblance to real you. Then you may ask somebody to take your pictures with digital camera. Make a fair number of pictures (about twenty), perhaps on different settings. You will then have a good selection to choose from.

Photos shouldn't necessary be taken by a professional photographer. However, professionals can find the most successful angle and put emphasis on your advantages. Nonprofessional photos usually show how you look in everyday life. You may also ask someone skilled to improve your non-professional pictures, i.e. to remove skin defects, adjust brightness, contrast, etc. Don't go overboard with this; make sure the photo still looks like you!

Number of photos

If your intentions are serious, one photo is usually not enough. Adding maximum possible number of photos gives a chance to your potential partners to get better idea of you. Don't forget to mention when and where the photos where taken. Don't place identical photos, for example, on the same background, in the same clothes, etc. Your photos shall in no way create the impression that you lay emphasis on your appearance.

Each new photo shall complement to the previous ones and to your personal narrative, creating the dynamic image of real you. Don't place only studio photos even if you have a perfect look on them. Women are interested in seeing you in real life. You may add photos where you are engaged with your hobby or doing some interesting activities. For example, photos of you skiing on holiday. Such photos help to prove that you do the things you say you do in your profile, and they make your profile more interesting.

Your appearance

The majority of men look quite normal, though not like Hollywood stars, but not ugly. Remember that each woman has her own concept of male beauty. Moreover, for many of them your inner qualities are much more important. Therefore, you look on the photo shall be similar to that in the real life. This specially concerns your age and height. Women hate when men lie about that. If you have concealed your real age or height, be ready for unpleasant situation at personal meeting. It will be uneasy for your potential partner to overcome bitterness and forgive the lie.


Avoid showing off! Though material wealth is certainly important, it is not in the first place for Russian women seeking men from abroad for serious relationship. When a woman sees a photo of a man near his Lincoln or Mercedes of the latest model, she most likely considers the man either vainglorious or substituting more important things. Exposing your wealth on photos is not a good tactics. You'd better demonstrate your charm and smile.

Keep your goal in mind

You came to the dating site to find your love, so avoid placing photos where you are surrounded by women, a group of people, or family photos. Avoid photos with ex-partners partiality showing or cut out. You may add photos with your pet. People in Russia like pets. A cat or a dog lives in every second Russian family. Just don't overdo with this not to produce an impression that your prefer pets to humans.

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