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Secrets of filling out a profile on a dating site

Find your love….. Build a strong relationship…… Use all resources of the Internet for that purpose. Quite real. So why one person can get what he/she wants and another can't? The answer is simple. Not everyone fills in a profile at a dating site correctly.

Profile presentation

What are the secrets of correct profile presentation at a dating site? Let's see.

The information you give in your profile is virtually a kind of self-presentation. Number and quality of responses as well as conversation development depend on the way you describe yourself.

Many people immediately on registering at dating sites want to "get to business" as soon as possible. But this strategy can hardly be considered right. Women rarely pay attention to those, who are lazy to take time and shoe themselves to the advantage.

A little about photos

You must post photos. Of yourself, of course. Do you feel shy about your looks? You really shouldn't. First, this point is not crucially important for some lady. Secondly, you can attract a person, even if you don't like the way you look. Thirdly, imagine what you are going to do, when in person a woman sees you instead of a model guy from the picture…. Maybe you'll be able to find the way out, but what if not?

There is hardly any sense in "decorating" your page with pictures of you in constrained or too loose poses. It will rather alienate your potential partner than attract her. She can take you for a boor or a person with too many issues.

You need to post good pictures, but it's important you should be recognizable. If you have a beautiful smile – show it. Owners of great figure should show this merit as well. But you really shouldn't post your nude photos. Someone may be interested, but a considerable number of women will take you for a cruiser or too uninhibited person who might be dangerous.

General recommendations on profile-filling

Empty profile or reserved impersonal phrases arouse no interest. Do you want to draw attention of as many ladies as possible? Then try to show your personality. Your profile must induce women to make contacts and communicate.

You shouldn't be too wordy as well. Abundance of unnecessary test will bore a lady and make her look for other candidates. Keep the intrigue and make a lady want to learn more about you.

It would be great if your profile differed from other ones. Don't write platitudes. Don't copy other web-site users. Instead be laconic, but describe your hobbies, life views and peculiarities of world perception.

Some men who have experienced unsuccessful relationship try to hide those qualities of their personality, which caused the break-up. However you'd better not do that. The qualities one lady didn't like may attract another one.

Sometimes in profiles men describe the image of potential partner with too much detail. Remember, there is no such thing as an ideal woman. With too many limits you risk staying single.

Don't complain too often about the female sex, even if you suffered from some of its representatives. The majority of women won't spend their time making you change your mind. You chose previous partners and were a valid relationship member, didn't you?

Try to be positive. If you use depressive expressions in your profile, a lady reading it can think that she will feel joyless around you.

Instead infect her with the anticipation of something amazing. And then, in pursuit of happiness, she will definitely pay attention to you.

What to write about the goals of acquaintance?

You need to be sincere when describing the goal of your search. It will let you attract a lady with the same or similar interests.

Decide precisely, who and why do you want to find. The character of letters and messages you'll get depends on correct goal definition. Don't be a bore but don't also play a part of the person you are not.

Do you want a family? Specify it. Interested in flirting? Some ladies are not looking for permanent relationships at the moment. In a while such lady can change her mind. However some women prefer being single and although they need communication with men, it's light, spontaneous and without obligations.

If your profile presents career as a top priority, you can't expect initiative from women wanting to get married. That's why those looking for a spouse must set family at the first place in life values rating.

Tell only truth about yourself. Experience shows that lies come out anyway in a long-term relationship. And that is often followed by a break-up. You don't need this, do you?

How to choose age and type of a potential partner

You already know that ladies of different age expect from the candidates not the same. Specify in your profile the age of a partner you look for and set other parameters regarding this moment. Psychological type of responding women also depends on this point.

If you look for a girl of 18-24

The majority of ladies in this category will notice you if you specify that you are seeking love and romantics. Some of them will appreciate your promise of assistance in getting or continuing education in your country. Young girls usually like non-trivial approach to communication and sense of humor. Excessive seriousness can make all your efforts go down the drain. You must also describe you ways of spending leisure time (going to dance clubs, cinemas, etc.).

If you look for a woman of 25 – 44

Ladies of 25 – 44 value, as a rule, stability in a relationship. So if it's a priority for you too, point it out. Are you going to have a baby or become a good father for your future partner's children? Then specify this moment in your profile. Would like to see a successful business lady beside you or look for her support? You should write about these expectations. What about feelings? Is it important for you? Then tell about your wish to show yourself as a loving partner.

If you look for a woman of 45 and older

Filling in a profile you need to consider that a woman over 45 will hardly sacrifice many of her life principles. You'll have to learn to interact with a lady of this age agreeing on controversial questions. Some ladies can be "tame", but internal disagreement will grow and at one point result in a row. Start your relationship with internal readiness to compromise and write about it to get a lady interested. A woman over 45 will be grateful for respecting her past and relatives. If you write that you like ladies with a family life baggage you'll get response from representatives of this age category. As all other women a lady over 45 wants to feel deep affection for her partner and be loved. If you crave for the same, you must declare it.

You shouldn't lie about your age, even if you look great at the photos. In person a lady will surely see your biological age. There were cases when men looking younger and sportier than their peers understated their age in profiles. Nothing awful happened in most situations. However sometimes when the truth came out women got disappointed concluding that a gentleman was inclined to lying. Many Russian women are convinced that it's better for a relationship when a gentleman is older than a lady. So just tell the truth. But remember that ladies often understate their age in profiles and consider it excusable. Women's weaknesses…

Character and looks of a potential partner

If you have some specific preferences as for appearance and psychological type of a woman you'd like to see beside you, describe them in your profile.

You can like slender and delicate or athletic, blue- or brown-eyed women, blondes or brunettes. You shouldn't hide it. Thus you will save yourself from spending time on vain talks and explanations.

The type notion includes the character and personal peculiarities. Define specifically what roles a woman is to perform. She can be a muse, a housewife, a good friend, a reliable back-up and support, a mischievous and ingenuous girl, well, anything you want. But be aware that you'll hardly find the one who can be natural in all these roles. It depends on her natural abilities and instincts.

You should beware of girls who haven't recovered morally from the break-up of previous relationships. Such ladies will miss ex-partners and unintentionally project all past offenses on you causing conflicts. You don't want to become a whipping boy or a shoulder to cry on, do you?

How to make your profile especially attractive to women?

In order to win the favor of the majority of female web-site users and not to turn them off, you don't need much.

Give yourself the trouble to have a couple of good pictures made by a professional photographer. Correct lighting, advantageous angle and pose can emphasize your best sides.

You need to know that Russian-speaking ladies who experienced living with an alcoholic are often scared off by the pictures of men with a bottle or glass of strong spirits. Group photos with women also set thinking. "Isn't he a lady-killer?" – a woman ponders. Deliberate untidiness isn't also a plus.

Your image at the photo must correspond to your personal description. Let your photos show that you are a travel lover, sportsman or a businessman if your profile says it. Thus you'll make ladies trust you.

In "About Yourself" section write about your merits and best personal traits, but don't exaggerate. Avoid quotations of other people and cliches. Be rather simple and individual. Extravagance attracts not many women.

Don't overburden your profile with excessive requirements towards the candidates. It can scare them off. But if you are going to create a family and it's important for you to find someone specific (e.g., a vegetarian or a sports lover) you do need to mention it.

When enumerating the preferred ways of spending time, try to describe them with as much detail as possible. Not "I like hiking", but "I love spending vacations in the mountains", not "I like dancing", but "weekends I attend salsa classes", etc.

Details won't also do harm in your description of the preferred type of ladies. You should write not "nice in every respect", but "sympathetic and kind lady able to become a loyal wife and real friend for the whole life".

Before describing yourself, talk to your friends. They will be able to see you in an adequate perspective and may help you define positive traits you haven't noticed before. Don't be shy in describing yourself positively, but don't exaggerate our merits. You don't like to look like a boaster, do you?

Describe your best qualities not directly, but illustrating them. Let's say you are clever and it really is so. Then focus on the literature you like to read, questions you like to discuss, etc.

Russian ladies don't take intimate confessions in public information well. Many women see it as a signal that you are looking for a sex partner, and not a life partner. However, if you are looking for a lover, there is no sense in hiding your aims.

Don't neglect psychologist's assistance. Professional advice usually multiplies your chances of success.

What to keep in secret until a certain communication stage?

Trustful communication begins not with the first words and not from reading of general information. You shouldn't spill everything at once, otherwise it will be not a profile, but a book of memoirs.

Let's enumerate things you should hold back before the conversation deepens:

What questions are not to be discussed in course of chatting and better be left for a personal meeting?

There is no definite answer to this question. Be attentive. Try to follow general mood of your conversation partner. Look, how she is reacting. Some Russian women are very shy. Don't scare them off. Others, on the contrary, tend to be free-spoken and open and expect the same thing from a partner even if he is virtual. Listening to your heart you'll be able to find a way with a lady you like and efface the boundaries of forbidden subjects in conversations. And where it will be – in virtual or real space – depends on you and your lady.

It's not that difficult to fill in a profile, actually. So do it, but if the result won't satisfy you, don't stop. Try and be spontaneous. Sooner or later luck will definitely favor you.

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