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TOP 5 features of the mentality of the modern Russian girls

modern russian girl

Society is changing at a rapid pace, and women are changing along with it. What are they, modern Russians?

1.Passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle

Russian women keep up with the global trend for a healthy lifestyle, trying to maintain and strengthen their health.

Regular jogging, yoga, table tennis, aerobics, exercises in the morning, whether in the fitness room or in the fresh air, young Russian women set themselves the goal of being healthy and active. They ride bicycles, walk tens of thousands of steps a day through the streets, go on various hikes, climb mountains, and make excursions to new interesting places. It seems that this is a good example for all of us to follow. They know how to find balance in everything and are very smart about themselves, their body, appearance and health.

Also, nowadays there are more and more conscious adherents of healthy eating. Girls try to exclude sweet soda, chips, hamburgers and other unhealthy fast food from the daily diet, and eat Russian familiar, healthy and tasty products: lean meat, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, cereals, vegetables and fruits.


However, despite an active lifestyle, full of frantic emotions and daily bustle, among the fair sex there are still many girls who prepare themselves for family life: they are fond of cooking, read useful books, learn handicrafts, behave tactfully and politely in society trying to make a pleasant impression on others. It is these girls who will be able to become faithful and good wives in the future.

Many young girls are quite frank and direct in communication, they say what they think, even if these are not the most pleasant things. But at the same time they are surprisingly generous and caring, always ready to support their man and help him with advice, and in terms of advice they turn out to be surprisingly insightful.

modern russian girl blonde

A modern young woman easily rotates in any society, be it the marginalized or the intellectual, all this does not matter. She is able to find an approach to any representative from various social strata. This is due to the fact that the constant increase in the level of erudition allows her to be not only a good psychologist, but also an interesting interlocutor. Such her inner freedom serves as a magnet that attracts everyone to her. At the same time, she does not forget about her feminine principle, not being afraid to seem sometimes weak and defenseless.

3.Study and work

The new generation of Russian women has a completely different attitude to work and making money. Girls try to get a specialty, learn foreign languages, and are well versed in modern technologies. They are always in touch, actively use numerous applications, and masterfully search for information on the web.

People prefer to look for a job to their liking, consciously approaching its search. If they do not like something, they will prefer to quickly learn something new or change their field of activity, of course, with an eye on the labor market. Many are already starting to earn money in high school.

Another characteristic feature of the modern Russian woman is careerism. In reality, as life shows, young Russian women strive to quickly climb the career ladder, not so much because of their own ambitions, but because of the same material benefit. A normal human desire is to become independent, earn money for your own apartment and car, and only then start a family.


Not the last place in the hierarchy of value attitudes of modern girls is occupied by the creation of a strong family, the birth and upbringing of children.

Many girls go to motherhood consciously and consistently, solving their personal problems, be they career, psychological or material. They also prepare their own health, if necessary. They give birth not at 18-20, as it was before, but at 30-35 years old. A child appears when it becomes a conscious desire and inner need of a woman. To love a child at the moment of birth of life means for many women to be ready for his birth.

The most popular family planning option seems to be this: dad, mom and one or two children.

modern russian girl

5.Helping those in need and solving environmental problems

Social activity is also inherent in modern young Russian women: in addition to participating in public associations, volunteer work, humanitarian and charitable projects are becoming more and more common for self-realization.

The largest number of volunteers and voluntary environmentalists is in the young generation. What they do not do: collect garbage on beaches and in forests, buy bags for going to the store so as not to take disposable plastic bags there, sort their household waste, help homeless animals in shelters, carry gifts to nursing homes, take care of those in need, living in the neighborhood collect food and clothing for the homeless. During the pandemic, many helped deliver essential medicines and food to those in need using their own vehicles.

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